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Mistaken Goal: Where Higher Education & Technology Meet

" is not something that happens to us. It is something we create. We must not confuse a tool with a goal. We must, therefore, be sure that technology serves the fundamental purposes of higher education." Stanley N. Katz in "In Information Technology, Don't Mistake a Tool for a Goal"

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Lubar, S. (1992). €œDo not fold, spindle or mutilate”: A cultural history of the punch card. The Journal of American Culture, 15(4), 43–55.
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Keywords: punch cards
Creators: Lubar
Collection: The Journal of American Culture

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One hundred years have passed since Herman Hollerith invented the punch card to tabulate the 1890 census. That’s also, almost exactly, the lifespan of the technology. Today, punch cards have vanished from public view. The last few businesses that still use punch cards are phasing them out, replacing punch card systems with computers, optical scanners and magnetic storage media.

But one aspect of the era of the punch card invaded the national subconscious to leave an ironic cultural legacy. The punch card era survives in the phrase “do not fold, spindle, or mutilate.” The phrase and the feelings it represents have outlasted the technology, not to mention the billions of cards on which it was printed. Culture changes more
slowly than technology. Symbols outlast machines. The signified slides under the signifier.
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