Free Facebook Panel hosted by NCSU

North Carolina State University’s Division of Student Affairs has announced that they are hosting a panel discussing “The Facebook Phenomenon” on January 30, 2007. They will be webcasting the panel and attendance, real or virtual, is free. The will be five panelists, four of whom are from NCSU and one of whom is from UNC. I am unfamilar with three of the panelists but not the other two. One of the panelists, the only student on the panel, is Whil Piavis. Better known as the “Pirate Captain,” Piavis was elected student body president for the 2004-2005 with a large portion of his campaign conducted via Facebook. Another panelist, Fred Stutzman, is a Ph.D. student from UNC and one of the leading researchers of Facebook and college students’ use of it.

It’s free and it should be good. Register and find more information at




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