RIAA Settlement Offers & Related EDUCAUSE Live! Event

Lest anyone think I am sleeping through this: Yes, I’ve seen the letter that ACE sent to college and university presidents regarding online copyright infringement. Both of the major American higher ed news services have posted stories and there is continuing discussion in many places, online and offline. We knew this was coming and we would have been fools to not expect this to new offer to be extended to colleges and universities. I have little new to add to the conversation as my reaction is probably typical of many who share the same opinion. We continue to struggle with the pressures of role modeling ethical behavior for our students, protecting our networks and bandwidth, and coming to grips with the changing face of intellectual property and how people and corporations relate to and use those properties.

In related news, next week’s EDUCAUSE Live! event (free online one-hour educational event sponsored by EDUCAUSE) will be presented by some folks involved in Illinois State University’s Digitial Citizen Project. To the best of my knowledge, the Digital Citizen Project is the most comprehensive look at the role of colleges and universities in addressing this challenge; the array of characters involved in their effort is diverse and impressive. I’ve also been very impressed with their publications, particularly their testimony before a congressional subcommittee last year. The event is free and EDUCAUSE always does a great job with their Live! events so I encourage everyone interested in this issue to register and attend.