ResNet Symposium: Birds of a Feather (BOFs)

I have attended several excellent BOFs at this year’s ResNet Symposium:

  • Customer Service vs. Education
  • Privacy & Security Awareness: How Do We Influence Student Behavior?
  • ResNet Symposium Wiki (I only attended this BOF briefly before running to another meeting)
  • Future of the ResNet Organization

Significant amounts of excellent information were exchanged and good ideas were shared at all of these BOFs.  However, I have decided to keep them “off the record” in keeping with their informal nature and out of respect for the very open and trusting nature of BOF attendees.  I value their honesty during these discussions so much that I will not even take a chance that I might compromise their trust.  If you want to know more about what was discussed in these excellent and interesting sessions, I recommend you attend next year’s ResNet Symposium and organize some BOFs yourself!