2008 NASPA Conference: Upcoming Activities and Events

I’ll be in Boston for several days beginning on Friday for this year’s NASPA conference. For those not intimately familiar with student affairs, NASPA is one of the two large international student affairs organizations (ACPA is the other one).  There are over 11,000 members in NASPA at over 1,400 institutions.  The latest figures I saw for this year’s conference put registration at over 4,000.

The particular events in which I will be participating or attending that may also be of interest to you include:

  • New (And Old!) Technology You Can Use” pre-conference workshop on Sunday morning. I’ll be leading this workshop alongside a colleague (note to self: remember to collect resourced used in the workshop and upload somewhere, likely the Technology KC Web site).
  • “NASPA Communities Celebration/Grad Prep Fair” on Monday night, March 10, at 7:00. The Technology Knowledge Community will have a table at this event and I plan to be there the entire time if anyone reading this blog would like to stop by and berate me for not keeping the blog more up-to-date or just chat.
  • Technology Knowledge Community General Meeting on Tuesday morning, March 11 at 9:00. We’re about to post a draft of the agenda but items that will be on the agenda include a brief update on KC activities, discussion of ongoing activities (particularly a large educational effort planned for this summer), and open discussion for and with members.  The main issue confronting us remains our focus: do we serve the general membership with technology-related advice and guidance, do we serve the specialists who support and develop technology for student affairs, or do we try to walk a middle ground between those two goals?  We’ll also discuss the idea of a student affairs technology conference/summit/event that has been tentatively broached by NASPA with a primary focus on assessing the viability of such an event and defining the focus of such an event.

There are also many technology-related presentations and I am very excited about many of them.  The Technology Knowledge Community has published a listing of these presentations on their Web site.

If you’re attending, please say hello if you see me!  If you’re not attending, I will do my best to update this blog with commentary, reactions, and observations throughout the conference.  I hope the Technology KC will also be able to work with the presenters of the technology-related presentations to collect and post their presentation materials on the Technology KC Web site.