2008 ACPA Technology-related Presentations

Although many of my co-workers will be attending ACPA’s Annual Convention next week in Atlanta, I will be staying here in Bloomington to hold down the fort. But I’ve looked at the conference program and it looks quite nice. Each of the past two years, NASPA’s Technology Knowledge Community has compiled a listing of technology-related programs for the NASPA conference. I’m not sure if it would be appropriate to compile such a list for the ACPA conference and place it on the NASPA Web site so here’s a similar list of technology-related programs for any who are lucky enough to attend ACPA’s conference:

I hope to be able to contact the presenters of these programs in a few weeks after the dust has settled after the conference to get more information from them about their program and how well it was received. If you are planning to attend any of these programs, I’d love to hear from you afterwards, too!







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