More Online Summer Professional Development

Another online summer development opportunity:’s “Face the Facts: Online Communities Are the Way College Students Communicate” begins next week. Registration closes soon so if you’re interested you need to jump on this! I don’t know the instructor (Maureen McGuinness Clouse at the University of North Texas) but the topic sounds very interesting and pertinent. I know that we here at NSSE spend a lot of time talking about and pondering (and occasionally worrying about) how effectively institutions are communicating with students, particularly using multiple media and electronic tools.

Today also marks the launch of NASPA’s Tech Tools. If you’re a NASPA member, please feel free to log in and participate in this 2-month program. If you’re not a NASPA member, we’ll be opening the content up to everyone at the conclusion of the program. It’s all being licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license so you can reuse the content at your own institution or in your own (non-profit) educational programs.