Dissertation Journal: One More Construct

The current draft of my lit review has two major constructs: survey non-response bias and the digital divide (which includes the participation gap as a sub-construct). I need to add socio-technical systems as another construct as it’s the fundamental lens through which I am viewing and approaching this work. I intended to add this to the first draft but didn’t have time.

A week-and-a-half ago, I realized that I need to add another construct: youths’ use of technology. The work that has been done – particularly the qualitative work, much of it funded by the MacArthur Foundation in the past 5 or so years – is also fundamental to this study. But unlike socio-technical systems, I had not considered formally discussing this work as part of my dissertation. Given its central role in shaping my thinking and understanding, I have to add it.

One or both of these new constructs may end up in the first chapter or even the fifth chapter but it’s clear that they need to be added. I guess I’m definitely still at the stage where I keep finding more and more things to do or add. I just don’t know yet when I’ll be able to do this given my courseload and qualifying exam next month. And that’s one of the main reasons for keeping this journal – so I know what to do when I find time to do it.