Dissertation Journal: Participating Institutions

I sent the invitations to participate to the first group of institutions (I hope to invite more as more institutions register for BCSSE) about thirty minutes ago. And I’ve already received three “yes” responses!

Additionally, it occurred to me that I may end up with three groups of participating institutions:

  • Web-only participant in NSSE
  • Paper or mixed-mode participant in NSSE
  • Non-participant in NSSE

The first group is my primary target group as they will allow me to easily calculate non-response as it relates to Internet access and use. But if I end up with institutions in the second or third group (and I won’t know for quite a while since NSSE registration isn’t open yet and won’t close until mid-late Fall) then I might be able to use them to do interesting “troubleshooting” since they will provide additional data. For example, institutions that participate in the paper mode of NSSE would offer me the chance to see what happens when respondents have the choice between paper and Web modes and how Internet access and use influences that choice.