NASPA Will Not Allow Student Members to Vote on ACPA/NASPA Consolidation

If the issue of ACPA/NASPA consolidation is put to a vote by the membership of the two organizations this fall, Student Affiliate members will not be able to vote.  As a Student Affiliate and dedicated member of NASPA, I believe this is wrong and I am working to change this.  In early June, I will submit to the NASPA Board of Directors a proposal that requests that Student Affiliates be allowed to vote on the issue of consolidation. I urge you to review the draft of this proposal and share your thoughts and support.

In brief, the proposal argues that Student Affiliates:

  • Are the future of NASPA and have a significant stake in the future of NASPA and the broader student affairs profession
  • Include in their ranks members who are experienced student affairs professionals dedicated to NASPA and those who have proven their dedication to NASPA deserve a voice in its future
  • Likely represent the most diverse group of NASPA members and are not proportionately represented by Voting Delegates or Professional Affiliates

If you are a Student Affiliate of NASPA, please:

  1. Add your name to the proposal by editing it directly, leaving a comment below, or sending me an e-mail at  Please include your name, current institution, degree status (i.e. Master’s student, Doctoral student, or Doctoral candidate), and any current or former leadership positions you’ve held in NASPA.
  2. Spread the word to your colleagues and fellow students by sending them a link to this blog post ( or

If you are not a Student Affiliate of NASPA, please share this with students by sending them a link to this blog post ( or

If you have any questions or suggestions about this topic, the proposal, or how we should proceed from here, please share them by leaving a comment or e-mailing me directly.

We are the future of NASPA and student affairs.  Let’s ensure we have a voice in that future.