Viewpoints on Social Media at WASFAA

I’m in Appleton, Wisconsin, tonight because tomorrow morning I’ll be giving a keynote and then leading a concurrent session at this year’s meeting of the Wisconsin Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (WASFAA). In my keynote I’ll discuss using newer technologies to network with colleagues and in my concurrent session I’ll discuss using technology to reach students. I’ll post some notes and reflections from both events in a day or two.

Like many similar presentations people have given lately, #sachat will feature prominently in my discussion about networking as it’s a great example of many of things about which I’ll be talking. I’m also trying to encourage the use of a public backchannel during my keynote using the #WASFAA hashtag so you can follow along there, too. Finally, I’m a bit amused that one of the major topics of my keynote – intentionality and goal-setting – is also the subject of Eric Stoller’s newest blog post at Inside Higher Ed. Great minds think alike.