New Letter from MPAA: They’re Not Writing To Say “Hello”

It’s been quiet on the copyright front since passage of the higher education reauthorization act and the final guidelines on how it should be interpreted by campuses. For better or worse, the new law provided clear guidance on how colleges and universities are expected to address this issue. Furthermore, the music recording industry – the main driver behind the law, preceding lawsuits, and most of the press – has changed its (public) approach and moved away from many of its scare tactics.

However, this morning Inside Higher Education writes about a recent letter sent to campus presidents from the movie industry (MPAA). As Steve Worona at EDUCAUSE noted, the letter largely echoes materials previously written and distributed by EDUCAUSE. But don’t be fooled; this is not a friendly letter. It’s a veiled warning and an effort to continue controlling this issue by emphasizing the copyright industry’s warped view of copyright (“theft” is used at least three times). Institutions can’t rely on the legal interpretations or “educational materials” of the copyright industry.