Assumptions and Stereotypes

A few days ago, Beloit College published their annual “Mindset” list describing how this year’s incoming college students differ from previous groups of students.  The list is humorous and largely fills its role of reminding college and university faculty and staff of how culture continues to change and shape the expectations of our students.  While… Continue reading Assumptions and Stereotypes

Diversity Among Student Affairs Technology Collaboration Experiences

Next year’s NASPA conference is in Chicago which is only a few hours away. For that conference, I have proposed a panel discussion of student affairs and IT collaborations.  One of the (self-imposed) primary requirements for this panel is that the panelists should have a diverse set of experiences.  But how does one define that?  To… Continue reading Diversity Among Student Affairs Technology Collaboration Experiences

Divisions and Gaps

Jakob Nielsen‘s latest “Alertbox” article is entitled “Digital Divide: The Three Stages.” In this (very brief) article, Nielsen posits three types or stages of divides that “alienate huge population groups who miss out on the Internet’s potential:” Economic Divide Usability Divide Empowerment Divide Nielsen argues that the Economic Divide is largely a non-issue in modern… Continue reading Divisions and Gaps