Category: Survey methodology

  • Dissertation Journal: Defended, Edited, Submitted, Accepted

    It’s been about a year-and-a-half since my last post about my dissertation.  Two weeks ago, I defended my dissertation NON-RESPONSE BIAS ON WEB-BASED SURVEYS AS INFLUENCED BY THE DIGITAL DIVIDE AND PARTICIPATION GAP.  I’ve included the abstract below if you’re interested in its content but I’ll focus here on some of the process.

  • Inserting Unique Survey IDs into Multipage Paper Surveys

    I still believe in paper surveys.  I believe that their immediacy and accessibility makes them very well-suited for some situations.  Although I value technology-based surveys (e.g. Web-based, tablet-based) I definitely believe that there are times when paper surveys are superior. You can imagine that I was very happy when my new employer approved the purchase…

  • Item Non-response and Survey Abandonment SPSS Syntax

    I don’t often write about what I do in my day-to-day job.  But I’ve recently spent quite a bit of time working on survey item non-response and survey abandonment and I want to save you some time if you’re working on those issues, too. One of the projects on which I’ve worked over the last…