Baumol, Walker, and Xerxes

In the introduction to Athanasius: On the Incarnation De Incarnatione Verbi Dei, C.S. Lewis discusses the predilection that some people have to spend a considerable amount of time reading about an idea instead of simply reading the idea itself. An optimist, Lewis attributes this to humility on the part of readers who are hesitant to… Continue reading Baumol, Walker, and Xerxes

New Research from EDUCAUSE & Statistics Canada

Results from three research studies were released late last week. Two of them come from EDUCAUSE; I’m going to their annual conference this week and I’m really looking forward to attending presentations related to these studies. EDUCAUSE – or more accurately their research arm ECAR – released results from the 2011 ECAR National Study of… Continue reading New Research from EDUCAUSE & Statistics Canada